Slogan: "Be ready.  Be prosperous."

Program Description:

The Workforce Readiness Program is designed to provide training, guidance and supervision to disadvantaged community members on ways to perform an effective job search/application/interview and retain employment using resources available to assist them in doing so. The courses will be conducted by trained staff members who have expertise in these areas more specifically including:

Goal Setting, Self-Esteem
Basic Resume and Cover Letter Writing (MS Word)
    Job Search , Application and Interviewing Skills
Diversity in the Workplace
Discovering Individual Strengths
Leadership (MS Powerpoint)
Listening Skills
Image / Appearance
Job Retention , Using resources, Time Management,Teamwork
Basic Budget Calculation (MS Excel)

To educate and empower those in the community who may be at a disadvantage by teaching them skills necessary to seek, apply for, interview for and retain employment thus moving them toward self-sufficiency and independence.

Workforce Readiness