Slogan: "“An inner quality that many
 entrepreneurs say helps them survive is
 optimism.” (Jean Chatzky) 

Program Description:
The Entrepreneurship Program is designed to provide a basic overview to disadvantaged community members on how to start and operate a small business. There will be referrals to other organizations who will help those who are ready to actively go into business.  The courses will be conducted by trained staff members who have expertise in these areas more specifically including:

What is Entrepreneurship?
Deciding on a business
Enterprise Structures
    Corporate Identity
Marketing - Social Media, Internet, Email
Legal and Insurance
Image / Appearance, Networking
Basic Budget Calculation (MS Excel)

To educate and empower those in the community who may be at a disadvantage by teaching them a basic overview of skills and making them aware of resources necessary to start and operate a small business thus moving them toward self-sufficiency and independence.